How to say thank you…


This week I get to celebrate my mom as she turns one year older and one year wiser. She is one special woman that I realize, now that I am in college, I took for granted. It wasn’t until I was gone every day that I realized how much she actually did for me.

She fixed the family meals.

She went to the store.

She was my teacher.

She encouraged me.

She came up with great ideas.

She made me do my chores.

She stayed up late to talk with me.

She read the Bible with me.

She helped me process difficult things.

She smiled with me.

She knew me better than I knew myself sometimes.

She discipled me.

She laughed with me.

She sacrificed for me.

She always looked out for me.

How do you say thank you to a mom who has done so much for you? I almost can’t because nothing would suffice. Until I remember that my mom is a gift from God. Thank you Jesus for the godly woman that I have gotten to learn from for the past 18 years!

I am so grateful beyond words for her. Even as we are transitioning into a new season, I am treasuring the blessings of being able to call her for hours and coming home to visit on Sundays.

So how to I say thank you? I thank my Father in heaven for allowing me to be her daughter, and I continually tell her how much I love her because words can’t describe it any other way.

Mom, you are so amazing and I love you bunches! ❤ ❤

Happy Birthday!






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